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Waiakea Ohana

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Brian Clifford is an adventure, lifestyle, and surf photographer based out of Los Angeles, California.  For the past three years, Clifford has been traveling the globe documenting his search for the best waves and the adventure that comes with it.  With his profound love for the ocean, Clifford tries to create timeless images of the fleeting moments that happen before his eyes.

A dual citizen in Syria and the U.S., Al-Barazi, swam for Syria at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he placed in the top 40 in the 100 Breaststroke. Since graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Al-Barazi has been training with Trojan Swim Club. Al-Barazi is also a long-time Los Angeles County lifeguard, and has participated in multiple international life-saving competitions.

“I am incredibly honored to join Waiakea and help spread the brand’s active lifestyle, passion and message all over the world through swimming,” says Al-Barazi. “It’s a great feeling to connect with a brand that shares my love of the active lifestyle and Aloha spirit.”

Matt Hoffman, a Los Angeles native, is a surfer and self-taught photographer. Fortunate enough to travel to some incredible surf destinations, such as his recent trip to Indonesia, Hoffman’s photos are often featured on Surfline and The Inertia. Hoffman says; “To capture that spontaneous moment when the waves, winds, tide and lighting are all in rhythm – that is my goal and the ultimate challenge when shooting the ocean. Two things that keep me stoked are adventuring to new places and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Honolua Blomfield is the epitome of an island child. Her Hawaiian name, La’akeakaiHonolua, even translates to “the sacred light from the sea of Honolua.” This Haleiwa native and pro-surfer grew up on the water, hitting the waves at a mere 2 years old with splashes of skateboarding and other outdoor activities coloring her life. Always finding that her soul was at one with the sea, Honolua became an exceptional longboard and shortboard surfer. Although she is deeply connected to surfing as a whole, Honolua shines the brightest on her longboard, winning competitions such as the ISA Longboard Champion in Peru (2013) and the Duke OceanFest Waikiki (2013). She finished 9th in the world at the 2015 Jeep World Longboard Championship in China and dominated the first place spot at the 2016 Women’s Pro at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. And did we mention she is only 18? Honolula is currently home-schooled and traveling around the globe surfing in competition after competition. Waiakea is totally hyped to watch her ride the waves of a very bright future and live up to the sacred light of her namesake.

McKenna Waitley is an Orange County-based former pro-athlete, model, and creative. Whether she’s in running shoes or slippahs, you’ll find her cruising through Southern California, enjoying the beach, bright colors and a healthy life. Expressing her creativity through style, McKenna embraces her “tomboy tendencies,” creating a brand for herself. She’s now an influencer and creative director, helping others express their individuality like she does. You can find McKenna on Instagram at @mckennza or @theladytomboy.

Hannah Dtrick was born and raised in a small Chicago suburb called Saint Charles and found her way along life's next wonderful adventure in Nashville, Tennessee. The 24-year-old lifestyle blogger is focused on living in the moment and on all the good things life has to offer. She dedicates her time to sharing good ideas, good products, good recipes, and good tips for her readers. “Life is special and you're the one with full control of your own. So take advantage of it - in a happy and healthy way.” You can find Hannah on Instagram at @hannahdtrick.

One of three brothers, Alex Smith is a professional Hawaii-based surfer and entrepreneur. He spends his time surfing big waves, traveling across the world, and exploring everywhere in between. As part of The Sunrise Shack team, he leads creative direction and food design. You can find Alex on Instagram at @alexsmith_.

Koa Smith, a Hawaii-based professional surfer co-founded The Sunrise Shack with brothers (and Waiakea ambassadors) Alex and Travis. Simply put, Koa’s a “live liver and happiness spreader.” You can find Koa on Instagram at @koasmith.

Beach babe Navy McKee is native to the Big Island and organically creates content sharing her home, the beauty of Hawaii, and what the Aloha spirit is all about. Navy recently decided to move away from her family and the place she called home to pursue a higher education in San Diego, CA. There, she’s slowly finding herself while navigating through young adulthood. You can find Navy on Instagram at @navymckee.

Ryan Longnecker grew up where the summers stuck on your skin like honey and lemonade - in a valley surrounded by the giants of nature and beauty of silence. He’s a professional Los Angeles-based freelance outdoor photographer, brand ambassador, visual storyteller, and most importantly, a lucky husband and a proud dad of 2 beautiful and adventurous girls. Ryan’s philosophy is that the fullest life is one where you know how to challenge yourself, and how to rest in the satisfaction of life's simplest things like good food and good friends. He wants everything in his photography and personal life to point to a more beautiful world. You can find Ryan on Instagram at @ryanlongnecker.

Born and raised in Kailua on the island of Oahu, Jimmy Wilkinson has a passion for photography and video. Jimmy, alongside his wife and three little boys, lives a life filled with non-stop excitement! Whether he’s surfing, hiking, mountain biking, diving, he’s always outside connecting with nature! Flying drones fuels his photography, allowing him to capture Hawaii like very few had ever seen it! You can find Jimmy on Instagram at @opticalhi.

Born and raised in Hawaii, Cara Bowen is an influencer sharing her truth. From inspiring posts on social media to building a real connection with her followers, Cara’s influence definitely transcends beyond phone screen. With over 5 years of experience in photography and modeling, Cara expresses her creativity and purpose through the content she creates. After taking the plunge and moving to Seattle with her husband, she began her career as a flight attendant for Alaska Air! Aside from traveling, she has a passion for photography, health and wellness, and strengthening her faith. She’s a dreamer and a “GOal-getter!” You can find Cara in Instagram at @carakuulei.

17-year-old Micah Yamauchi is a Hawaii-based photographer. From cliff jumping, to hiking, to sliding through waves, he shares it all in the content he creates. Expressing his creativity through photography, Micah whole-heartedly shares the beauty of the islands with his following. You can find Micah on Instagram at @micahyamauchi.

Nancy Chen is a yoga and boxing instructor and creator of the wellness blog Approaching Paleo. After her battles with mental health and disordered eating, she's become an advocate in the wellness space. Her mission is to empower people to live their best life through a combination of mental, spiritual, and physical well-being, which is why she loves Waiakea's "live healthy, live sustainably, and live ethically" mission statement. A Southern Californian native who spent her summers in Hawaii, Nancy dreams of heading to Hawaii to live for a year. She's a lover of a good acai bowl, long days at the beach, anything with avocados, and naps. You find Nancy on Instagram at @approachingpaleo or @nancylinchen.

Born and raised in sunny San Diego, Annalisa Collins is your typical beach bum who lives in bikinis! Running her own blog, salteebutsweet.com, she shares her life and products she loves to inspire others. As a new graduate, she’s just taking on the world head-on! You can find Annalisa on Instagram at @annalisa.veronica.

Melissa Genove is a Los Angeles-based marathoner, yogi, book worm, and adventurer! She received her BS in Exercise Science, then moved to Los Angeles where she received her Master's Degree in Public Health. Trying to find her niche in Los Angeles, she started attending run clubs to find like-minded individuals and fell in love with running. It wasn't long until she took on the task of running her first half marathon. Since 2014, she has run 17 half marathons and 4 full marathons! Melissa believes that whether you're a fast runner or distance runner isn't what defines you, but your decision to get out the door and run. Her passion for yoga sparked after she realized it was the secret to staying injury free. Melissa has two yoga instructor certifications in Power Yoga and Yoga Sculpt. She is currently teaching in various studios in Los Angeles and working on getting her indoor cycling certification and ACE Group Fitness Instructor certification. When she's not running, spinning, or practicing yoga, she is working her regular 8-5 in healthcare information technology or out traveling the world as much as she possibly can. You can find Melissa on Instagram at @melliecay.

Mike Sherbakov is an entrepreneur, philanthropist, and adventurer. He is the founder of The Greatness Foundation, an impact accelerator creating a better world. Mike teaches people how to start and grow purpose-driven businesses, working closely with individuals, startups, and billion dollar companies alike - supporting Fitbit, lululemon athletica, and Equinox with recent initiatives. He is a former active duty United States Marine, has traveled to 52 countries and counting, and believes strongly that our greatness is not what we have but what we give. You can find Mike on Instagram at @mikesherbakov.

Brandon DesJarlais is an Oregon-grown skateboarder, photographer, and world traveler. Over the years he's climbed the ranks as one of the top downhill skateboarders and actively shares his knowledge and inspiration with others. Appearing as Vin Diesel's stunt double in the film xXx 3: Return of Xander Cage, Brandon has a global presence that resonates far beyond his achievements in skating. "Success is all about quality AND consistency. In today’s society people are impatient and give up too easy. They want results, but struggle to put in the work on a daily basis. Rome wasn’t built in a day, but they were laying bricks every hour. Jah feel?" You can find Brandon on Instagram at @desgnarlais.

Molly Hogan is a Southern California-based creative, living life by the beach with her dog, Penny and her love, Drew, who she cofounded Beach Byrds with. She started Trendy Chickadee in the summer of 2015 as an outlet to express creativity-- she never thought this hobby would bring so many amazing opportunities, adventures and new friends! Trendy Chickadee brings features on the newest up and coming brands, destinations and so much more to her sun chasing, beach loving audience. She strives to create content that can be a sunny addition to your day, whether seeing an image on social media or reading about a new brand with a rad mission. You can find Molly on Instagram at @trendychickadee.

Based in Denver, Colorado, Eric Hinman is a content creator and social media influencer, sponsored by dozens of consumer brands. Some of Eric’s partners include Vita Coco, Vital Proteins, Revere, Trusii, Optimum Nutrition, Rockin’ Protein, Waiakea, Saucony, STR/KE MVMNT, The Go Life, Rise Bars, YumButter, and Snow Monkey. He’s a fitness and adventure fanatic and a bit of a wanderlust! While in Denver, he enjoys mountain biking, trail running, CrossFit training, and documenting and sharing his experiences through photos and video to inspire others to live their best life. Eric is also a health and wellness, tech, and hospitality entrepreneur and angel investor. Championing innovative disruptors in the fitness and wellness space, Eric’s portfolio of angel investments include brands such as Ten Thousand, WellWell, Fitner Technologies, and Swerve. You can find Eric on Instagram at @erichinman.

Creator of The Siren’s Log, Siren Williams is a Florida-based surfer and adventurer! This ladyslider is always on the move from competing in surf contests, creating content, writing music, or traveling the world! Traveling is something Siren’s passionate about-- being able to immerse herself in other cultures, be a part of foreign communities, learning new languages. “Doing so will really teach you a lot about the world, humanity, and life,” says Siren. She lives life to the fullest while learning from adversity and taking in da kine moments-- the true Aloha spirit! You can find Siren on Instagram at @sirenwilliams.

Travis Smith, brother to ambassadors Alex and Koa Smith, is one of the founders of Sunrise Shack. Based in Hawaii, Travis is a firm believer in being one with nature. He’s as colorful as the bowls he serves at The Sunrise Shack – when he’s not there, you’ll find him climbing trees, hiking through mountains, or at the beach… all while being barefoot. According to Travis, this is called “grounding” and is an essential. His enthusiasm for health can’t be missed in the content he creates, showing what it means to be one with the ‘aina. You can find Travis on Instagram at @triggtrav.

Mackenzie Anderson was born into Southern hospitality, raised in Philadelphia, PA, and has a little bit of that Southern California beach sun in her hair and heart. You can catch her following marathon routes, street art, and sunshine. Mackenzie enjoys photography, surfing, traveling, and exploring as much of Los Angeles as she can. Thriving off of kindness, optimism, and the firm belief that she will always enjoy designing, she currently is an all-around creative – graphic designer, content creator, social manager, and everything in between. “There is endless content to be created and cultivated,” Mackenzie says, “and I'm working hard to keep up with the hustle.” While Philly will always have her heart, she’s living in color, fueled by faith, and seeing where her next adventure takes her. According to Mackenzie, “I love the Waiakea lifestyle - it’s adventurous and engaging and exciting and beautiful. I love that it promotes confidence and wellness and exploration. Waiakea includes me in their family - and I love the ambassador relationship with Waiakea! They’re caring and fair and always surprising... and always have the prettiest packaging.” You can find Mackenzie on Instagram at @catchmeifukenze.

Britt and Tara are Co-Founders of Elevate The Globe the spiritual lifestyle movement that is transforming the lives of thousands through their inspiration, online programs and teachings on high vibrational living, spirituality and sustainability! They are Kundalini Yoga and Meditation Instructors, high vibrational living experts, and best friends, based in LA on a mission to elevate humans and make this world a more loving place. They are Hosts of The Elevator Podcast, Creators of RISE UP: A Course in High Vibrational Living & the 528 Academy, speakers, bloggers and are currently writing their first book. They have dedicated their lives to teaching people to raise the vibration of their energy and have created a collective movement that is elevating the globe. You can find Britt and Tara on Instagram at @elevatetheglobe.

Marianela is a writer, health advocate, and T.V. personality who has worked as a host for a variety of networks including MTV, NBC, VH1, Travel Channel, and ESPN. In addition to her work in television she is actively pursuing her lifelong passion of nutrition and wellness with her mindful wellness blog, ‘The Fuddhist’. Her ‘philosofeed’ is that a happy and healthy life is made up of both healthy food and healthy thoughts. Marianela is a mindful foodie who takes what she thinks as seriously as what she eats! Marianela recently launched her latest venture ‘Tiny Food Explorers’ where she is empowering children to make better food choices by celebrating their insatiable curiosity. She believes involving children in as many food related activities as possible is a good place to start! Her work with ‘EnrichLA’, the largest school garden non profit in the country, is proving that kids will make better food choices when they are connected to the source of where ‘real’ food comes from. You can find Marianela on Instagram at @thefuddhist.

Follow Bree & Makenzie Jandro and Bree Randall are the duo that’s behind Two Little Birds Wander West. The Southern California-based, free-spirited bloggers constantly seek adventure while living a healthy and fashionable lifestyle. Bree is a singer, model, actress, dream chase, and everything else you can think of. While she’s not at school, work, or auditions, you’ll find her laying on the beach, cooking with her family, or indulging in peanut butter ice cream while binge watching Law and Order SVU. She takes after her mom for her wild-hippie-mermaid vibes, and dreams of traveling the world and making all her wild dreams come true. Makenzie is an old soul dreamer, singer, dancer, and actress. From singing and dancing since she could walk and talk, she found a love for movies and takes pride in knowing almost every line to almost every movie. At the end of the day, Makenzie just wants to go on adventures, give to others, laugh, and grow along the way. It’s that simple! You can find Makenzie and Bree on Instagram at @twolittlebirdswanderwest.

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Christopher Murray is a New Jersey-based EMT for a level one trauma center. Most of his time is dedicated to furthering his education. As a pre-med student, Chris is focused on becoming a trauma surgeon. On his free time, he enjoys motorsports, the aerospace industries and travelling. You can find Chris on Instagram at @m3murray_.

Heather Restrepo is a Hawaii-based lifestyle writer for Balanced Life Aloha. She was born and raised in Chicago, IL. At 17 years old, she graduated high school and hopped on a plane with a one-way ticket to Hawaii-- all in the same day! She attended college in Hawaii and earned a Pre-law degree. After graduation, she began working in Civil Litigation, which is what she thought would be a long-time career. However, after getting married, she was diagnosed with Hashimoto’s Disease/Thyroiditis and the pursuit to expand her wellness knowledge began. This lead her to earning a second college degree, a Bachelor’s Degree in Health and Wellness. While navigating life through her second round of college, motherhood, and being a military spouse, she created Balanced Life Aloha as a creative outlet and now enjoys it as her full-time job! She also enjoys expressions of pure energy in the forms of art, design, music, personal style, cooking, spirituality, and travel; all of which is reflected in the content she creates. You can find Heather on Instagram at @balancedlifealoha.

Kolten Wong, a Hilo Native and MLB 2nd baseman for the St. Louis Cardinals, first began playing High School baseball at Kamehameha High School in Keaau, Hawai’i. He then went on to Star at the University of Hawai’i, Manoa. Kolten was first University of Hawai’i Baseball player selected in the 1st Round of the MLB Draft in 2011. Kolten’s mother, Keala Wong, passed away from Cancer in 2013. Kolten and his wife Alissa have been very active in Cancer Awareness Foundations. They are very passionate about supporting Foundations that make an impact on the entire State of Hawai’i. We are honored to have Kolten as an Ambassador.