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WAIAKEA’S apparel line includes hats and shirts made from soft, organic and recycled materials, inspired by the Big Island and Hawaii’s aloha spirit.
In line with Waiakea’s ethos of HEALTHY SUSTAINABLE ETHICAL with each apparel item purchased, 5 trees are planted in Haiti, Madagascar, Ethiopia, or Nepal to aid in the restoration of healthy forests and natural habitats.
The destructive impact of deforestation needs to be looked at holistically. Trees control flooding and erosion, protect water sources, purify air supply by absorbing carbon dioxide and producing oxygen, replenish soil with critical nutrients needed for farming, and create habitable ecosystems for animals. Without trees, farms fail, villagers move to overcrowded cities looking for work, and running streams and rivers dry up, eliminating natural water sources for local communities.

By partnering with EDEN PROJECTS, Waiakea aims to have a global positive impact on the restoration of forests and preservation of natural habitats.