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Waiakea Ohana

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Brian Clifford is an adventure, lifestyle, and surf photographer based out of Los Angeles, California.  For the past three years, Clifford has been traveling the globe documenting his search for the best waves and the adventure that comes with it.  With his profound love for the ocean, Clifford tries to create timeless images of the fleeting moments that happen before his eyes.

A dual citizen in Syria and the U.S., Al-Barazi, swam for Syria at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he placed in the top 40 in the 100 Breaststroke. Since graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Al-Barazi has been training with Trojan Swim Club. Al-Barazi is also a long-time Los Angeles County lifeguard, and has participated in multiple international life-saving competitions.

“I am incredibly honored to join Waiakea and help spread the brand’s active lifestyle, passion and message all over the world through swimming,” says Al-Barazi. “It’s a great feeling to connect with a brand that shares my love of the active lifestyle and Aloha spirit.”

Matt Hoffman, a Los Angeles native, is a surfer and self-taught photographer. Fortunate enough to travel to some incredible surf destinations, such as his recent trip to Indonesia, Hoffman’s photos are often featured on Surfline and The Inertia. Hoffman says; “To capture that spontaneous moment when the waves, winds, tide and lighting are all in rhythm – that is my goal and the ultimate challenge when shooting the ocean. Two things that keep me stoked are adventuring to new places and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Honolua Blomfield is the epitome of an island child. Her Hawaiian name, La’akeakaiHonolua, even translates to “the sacred light from the sea of Honolua.” This Haleiwa native and pro-surfer grew up on the water, hitting the waves at a mere 2 years old with splashes of skateboarding and other outdoor activities coloring her life. Always finding that her soul was at one with the sea, Honolua became an exceptional longboard and shortboard surfer. Although she is deeply connected to surfing as a whole, Honolua shines the brightest on her longboard, winning competitions such as the ISA Longboard Champion in Peru (2013) and the Duke OceanFest Waikiki (2013). She finished 9th in the world at the 2015 Jeep World Longboard Championship in China and dominated the first place spot at the 2016 Women’s Pro at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. And did we mention she is only 18? Honolula is currently home-schooled and traveling around the globe surfing in competition after competition. Waiakea is totally hyped to watch her ride the waves of a very bright future and live up to the sacred light of her namesake.

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