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Waiakea Ohana

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GoPro Adventure Athlete, extreme sport photographer and videographer, surf and skii aficionado, and travel enthusiast, Caleb Farro embodies Waiakea and the Live Aloha lifestyle through his passion for adventure, the outdoors, and an active lifestyle.

Caleb says extreme photography and videography is “all about being calm in the air and having a steady hand so you can really nail the shot.” His motivation to capture these moments?  –  “I really want to share my stoke with everybody… [I] want to inspire others to get out there and have a blast. I’m all about the giggles and high fives with friends.”

Lakey Peterson is one of the world’s leading female surfers known for her progressive aerial maneuvers, athletic force and rise through the ranks at a young age. Dubbed “Lakey Surf Legend” at age five and the daughter of a national swimming champion, it was no surprise that by age 11 Lakey was surfing competitively. Now in her fourth year on the WSL World Championship Tour, she is ranked No. 3 in North America. Lakey’s interests not only lie with surfing. She is an all-around athlete and deeply committed philanthropist, connected to several non-profits that serve the greater good of humanity and the environment.

U.S. Freeskiing Pro Halfpipe athlete, Alex Ferreira had an incredible year, receiving bronze in the 2014 X Games with an invitational to compete in the 2015 X Games in January. First hitting the slopes at the young age of three, Alex Ferreira is known for his dedication to the sport, strong work ethic, and contagious smile.

Ferreira loves the outdoors, spending summer months hanging out at the beach, cliff jumping, tubing, jumping on the trampoline, and playing soccer.

Brian Clifford is an adventure, lifestyle, and surf photographer based out of Los Angeles, California.  For the past three years, Clifford has been traveling the globe documenting his search for the best waves and the adventure that comes with it.  With his profound love for the ocean, Clifford tries to create timeless images of the fleeting moments that happen before his eyes.

Where will you find Johnnie next? Great question. This tea dependent life form may be found spending her days outside and thrives primarily off acai bowls and sunshine, a jump in the ocean a day, or a hike through the wild; possibly long boarding away from her problems. She believes in a world of breakfast, living and breathing fresh air, water, adventures big and small, home, and power naps. Follow Johnnie on Instagram for witty humor and spontaneous adventures.

Growing up on a seaside avocado ranch in southern California, Willie has always been influenced by the ocean and its surroundings. Willie believes photography is highly interactive, in that he is sharing his personal lens with the world so that it may move, inspire, or evoke.

Spencer Ludwig, Trumpeter for Capital Cities, is both a musician and philanthropist. His personal efforts to leverage Capital Cities’ fame and his social media fans to do ‘acts of goodness’ in the community makes Ludwig a beloved celebrity and member of the Waiakea Ohana.

Spencer Ludwig explained his desire to engage fans and “encourage positive influence in the world” in a recent interview with Titan Internet Radio – “It feels good to do something good.”

Scott Hoying is the lead singer for Grammy nominated a capella group Pentatonix. Pentatonix and Hoying’s involvement in fundraisers and non-profit organizations, such as The Trevor Project and University of Rochester YellowJacket’s project in Kenya, is praiseworthy.

The group’s rapid success has been a whirlwind of excitement, breaking chart records with their 2014 Christmas album, and a recent nomination for the Grammys.

A dual citizen in Syria and the U.S., Al-Barazi, swam for Syria at the 2012 Summer Olympics in London, where he placed in the top 40 in the 100 Breaststroke. Since graduating from the University of Hawaii at Manoa, Al-Barazi has been training with Trojan Swim Club. Al-Barazi is also a long-time Los Angeles County lifeguard, and has participated in multiple international life-saving competitions.

“I am incredibly honored to join Waiakea and help spread the brand’s active lifestyle, passion and message all over the world through swimming,” says Al-Barazi. “It’s a great feeling to connect with a brand that shares my love of the active lifestyle and Aloha spirit.”

Matt Hoffman, a Los Angeles native, is a surfer and self-taught photographer. Fortunate enough to travel to some incredible surf destinations, such as his recent trip to Indonesia, Hoffman’s photos are often featured on Surfline and The Inertia. Hoffman says; “To capture that spontaneous moment when the waves, winds, tide and lighting are all in rhythm – that is my goal and the ultimate challenge when shooting the ocean. Two things that keep me stoked are adventuring to new places and living a healthy and sustainable lifestyle.”

Shane Borland, AKA “Shano”, can be found cruising the California coast looking for swells, chasing big waves on the North Shore and around the world, or tearing up the skate park at national contests. At 15, he’s a two sport-anomaly.

Shane lives the Waiakea lifestyle through his perseverance of making his passion and love, a career.

Mona-Jane exudes love and light. She is a proud kiwi, wife, fitness addict, nature obsessor and adventure seeking adrenaline junkie who found her soul on the islands of Hawaii. To Mona-Jane, it’s the simple things that bring her pure bliss and true happiness. She can be found out in nature hiking, running, surfing or hanging with the humans she adores. Her stoke for life is plain to see in everything she does.

Ben Petraglia is a Venetian Angelino, who has spent 25 years on this great green rock.  Ben was originally sprouted in the garden state (New Jersey), before being uprooted and shipped to the left coast to attend Chapman University in 2009.  He has nothing but simple aspirations to be a coffee-fueled explorer who travels the world. Hobbies include; Motorcycles, snowboarding, skateboarding, surfing, exploring, and many other fruitful endeavors.  Ben also happens to be the Head of Marketing at Sole Bicycles.

Zach Williams is a surfer, designer and lover of life who can be seen skating around Venice Beach with Chinese food take-out on any given day. Born and raised in the Heart of Dixie by his two legend grandparents, Zach is is a designer at the World Surf League creating artwork for the Pro Tour. Likes: bananas, going fast, tattoos, good-hearted people, tropical places and honesty. He is likely plotting a new expedition to some distant Indian Ocean island at this very moment.

Honing his volleyball skills on the beaches of Maui, Isaac Kneubuhl’s love and passion for the game has taken him to the US National Team and European professional volleyball leagues.  Current coach on the AVP pro beach volleyball tour, he continues to teach the game, while advocating for a healthy lifestyle and sustainable living.  “Waiakea is in perfect harmony with the values that I hold near and dear to my heart, and I am proud to be an ambassador for such an amazing company.”

After graduating from UC Berkeley with her bachelor's degree and completing the Culinary Arts program with Le Cordon Bleu, Serena began her culinary career working for Hugh Hefner and Playboy Enterprises at the Playboy Mansion in Holmby Hills. Serena took that exposure into the world of fine dining and started her own personal chef and private catering business. Over the past several years, she has established herself as one of the top high-profile personal chefs in Los Angeles, working with rock stars, sports legends and even movie moguls. She is known for crafting delicious dishes that dazzle even the pickiest of clients. In addition to cooking, Serena is a major advocate for healthy living and doubles as a nutritionist for her clients. Serena believes that food is love and she finds true happiness in being able to share her love for the culinary world with others. Get a taste of Serena’s drool-worthy lifestyle by checking out her Instagram.

Justin Burbage is a professional skateboarder living in Los Angeles, California. He combines athleticism and art, whether he's shredding up the Venice skatepark or capturing the beauty of his native Hawaii. He finds lines that other's don't see and is constantly "exploring the globe’s textures of water and land”. Justin is a nomadic trend setter with an eye for beauty just check out his feature in C-Heads Magazine. Justin embodies a laid back lifestyle that’s both aspirational and global. Recently, Justin was selected to be a judge for Redbull’s National Mobile Illume photo contest.

Kameron Waters lives life on the simple. Calling a VW van ‘home’ for the last year, he’s not bound by anything stationary while pursuing his life motto “follow your flow”. He lives up to his name ‘Waters’ through his love of the ocean, Hawaii, and all things flowy. Kameron stays inspired by traveling to new places, trying new things, and making rad stuff with friends. Follow his vlog for acro yoga, vegan living, and van life here.

Honolua Blomfield is the epitome of an island child. Her Hawaiian name, La’akeakaiHonolua, even translates to “the sacred light from the sea of Honolua.” This Haleiwa native and pro-surfer grew up on the water, hitting the waves at a mere 2 years old with splashes of skateboarding and other outdoor activities coloring her life. Always finding that her soul was at one with the sea, Honolua became an exceptional longboard and shortboard surfer. Although she is deeply connected to surfing as a whole, Honolua shines the brightest on her longboard, winning competitions such as the ISA Longboard Champion in Peru (2013) and the Duke OceanFest Waikiki (2013). She finished 9th in the world at the 2015 Jeep World Longboard Championship in China and dominated the first place spot at the 2016 Women’s Pro at the Noosa Festival of Surfing. And did we mention she is only 18? Honolula is currently home-schooled and traveling around the globe surfing in competition after competition. Waiakea is totally hyped to watch her ride the waves of a very bright future and live up to the sacred light of her namesake.